Filmmaking Dilemma To Stream or Not To Stream

Over the past decade there has been a proliferation of platforms promising to help filmmakers cut out the middle-man.

While many of these companies have a cool concept, the truth is, I think many of these streaming solutions are a waste of time.

Why? Because most streaming solutions do NOTHING to assist filmmakers in sourcing an audience.

Think about it: So what if you can stream from your website and charge your visitors a nickle per view? How many people are coming to your website? Where do you (and most people) shop for movies online?

I know where I shop for movies online. I shop at NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon and occasionally iTunes. I don’t go looking for random weird movies on random weird websites. And even if I did, the last thing I would do is enter my credit card into some weird website.

Maybe I’m wrong. Where do you buy your movies online? Are you seeking movie distribution?


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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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