Movie Maker Challenge 2012

The other week, I began working on a project with some very successful people. And here is what I realized: Successful people don’t wait for everything to be perfect. They get an idea and test and idea – then they implement fast and adjust as they go.

So in the spirit of your own filmmaking success, I am going to offer you a Movie Maker Challenge for 2012 – Yeah, it might seem too early to set goals, but I think you’ll be OK. And my challenge is this – over the next 12 months, put together a movie project.

How? Plan the following commitments:

  1. Get a movie script.
  2. Break your movie script down.
  3. Budget your movie, including marketing.
  4. Put together a business plan.
  5. Create a marketing plan.

If you go through this process, you will know how many units you will need to sell to recoup your budget. Additionally, you will know how much this will cost in terms of time, effort and marketing.

And… If you complete this exercise, you will be ahead of 95% of the other people who call themselves filmmakers. You might actually learn something in the process…

Time is ticking. Take Action: Make Your Movie NOW!


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  1. says

    Hi, Ive read your emails, they are very good,
    im busy, with work, school, commuting, and future business (on test website).
    I have a lot of good footage already, working in toronto.
    I have an ipod touch I made footage with, windows 7 phone, and kodak hd camera as well as sony movie camera. at every opportunity i take pictures/movies.
    my movies would be for research, to get funding for bigger project. in area of social justice,
    thank you for your help

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