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“The Movie Man a little Filmmaking Fable of what not to do…

I know a guy who came to Hollywood. He was a pretty good director.  And he wanted nothing more than to direct a feature.

To achieve his goal, he convinced a bunch of people to work with him.

Promises were made. Agreements were signed.

This guy did or said anything it took to achieve his goal – And as a result, he directed his first feature.

Turns out this guy was full of crap. His promises were broken. And his agreements were forgotten. Long story short, this “director” burnt every bridge he could. He lost his girlfriend. He lost his friends. Then he left town.

Now he is on the east coast of the US. His new game is to go into small towns, where he convinces people to pay for his movies. And his strategy seems to be working. In at least two towns, he has convinced locals to rally in support. Promises were made. Agreements were signed. But in both instances, after the movie wrapped – guess what?

This guy left town.

Now this idiot is moving on to a third town. And while I know karma is a bitch (and he will never find REAL success), I wanted to share this story as an example of what not to do.

A little success tip? Your word is your world. Break it, and your world will collapse – eventually. And secondly, it is probably a good idea to get a gazillion references before you bring someone new into your filmmaking world.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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