How not to find investors for your movie.


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DO NOT advertise your film investment on Craig’s list or the newspaper.

By definition, if you are asking the general public for investment dollars, you are no longer private, you’re public. Be very careful. The Securities and Exchange Commission is very specific about how you present a private offering. While some of these rules seem overly confining, if you build a team that includes a smart lawyer, navigating SEC regulations is just another day at the office.

Prior to paperwork or a specific offering, the best thing you can do, starting today, is to build friendships with wealthy and successful people. This will make your life much easier when you go for your movie making bucks.

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If you are wondering how to get money for your movie – Almost every resource will tell you that you need a business plan. Very few resources will tell you how to actually go out, find prospective investors, qualify them, contact them, get a meeting and build a relationship.

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