Film Ideas That Sell

Jason Brubaker Writes

As a filmmaker your success depends on your ability to produce film ideas that sell.

And unless you have a gazillion dollars allocated to your marketing budget, it will be impossible for you to target everybody on earth. However in the world of internet marketing, there is a saying that applies to your movie business: “Everybody is nobody and niches will make you riches.”

The first step to planning your movie and finding your niche begins with brainstorming a few movie ideas. Write down a list of at least a dozen movie concepts that seem interesting to you. From there, pick the most appealing idea. Keep in mind that getting your movie made, seen and selling is not a fast process. So in addition to creating marketable concept, you have to love your material. If you cannot have fun with your story, then why make the movie?

Once you focus on a concept, you will need to distill your movie into one concise sentence known as a log-line. For example, let’s say your movie is described as “Zombies attack people.” Obviously this is a very succinct log-line, but it lacks the necessary detail to make your movie memorable. So your next job is to incorporate some flavorful elements back into your log-line. Here is the same example with added detail: “Zombies attack a camp for the mentally challenged.”

While socially inappropriate, the extra detail adds sizzle to the description. This will help you in two arenas. With a unique description, your prospective audience will immediately understand how your movie differs from all the other movies. And from a marketing perspective, the words “zombies,” “zombies attack,” and “zombie movies” will help you to target your core audience. Later, these targeted keywords will help you jump-start your internet search engine optimization campaign.

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