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And if you’re just getting to know me, check out what some other filmmakers are saying:

I just really wanted to express my gratitude for your articles. You said something in one of your articles that has become a sort of mantra of mine. It is such a simple idea but I swear it can move mountains.

The idea to not wait for somebody else’s permission to make your movie.

I have made my fair share of excuses to not get out there and shoot my film. Not having the right camera, lack of expensive locations, no money. I constantly focused on what I didn’t have while constantly looking over what I did have at my disposal. Your words have helped me realize that the only real thing standing in my way was fear. Fear of moving, fear of failure, perhaps fear of success.

Now I can finally add the most important thing to my list of things that I DO have: no excuse. No excuse not to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Thank you again so much for writing these articles and thank you for getting filmmakers to realize that the only real thing standing in their way is themselves.

I hope you have a great day.

-Mia Kiddo

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