How To Make A Living As a Filmmaker

Go to any filmmaking event and you’ll hear filmmakers crying about how it’s no longer possible to make a living as a filmmaker. And while we can all agree that the paradigm has shifted from the physical to the digital, I personally to know many filmmakers who are doing great.

If you want to make a living as a filmmaker, you’re in luck. There has never been a better time to get into the movie business. Inexpensive production technology, coupled with nondiscriminatory film distribution services have leveled the field.  All you need is a camera, editing software and the Internet.

Make A Living As a Filmmaker

How To Make A Living As a Filmmaker

While the prospect of creating your own mini-movie studio from anywhere is exciting, this shift does create new challenges. We are now dealing with an oversupply of product competing for viewers. This begs the following questions:

  1. Can you still make a living as filmmaker?
  2. Can your indie film budget allow you pay people?
  3. How many VOD sales will it take to justify the budget?
  4. How will you get these sales?
  5. And if the numbers don’t work, then what?

Here’s the good news. What I’m describing are the same challenges any startup entrepreneur has to overcome. This means we can utilize proven business tactics to increase the likelihood of filmmaking success. I put together a modern moviemaking manifesto to expand on these ideas:

You might also benefit from listening to my filmmaking podcast. I share thoughts on how we can make independent filmmaking profitable. I also share thoughts on VOD (video on demand) distribution – and how modern sales channels finally gives every filmmaker to reach the masses:

My goal is to help you make a living as a filmmaker. To this end, it makes sense if you compare filmmaking to any small business. If you’d like more info, download my filmmaker checklist.

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