Film Festival Rejection

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The 2009 Sundance Film Festival is just days away. And as such, it’s the time of year filmmakers start thinking about their own projects.

Every year hundreds and hundreds of filmmakers actually get the money, create the teams, go into production and come out with a movie slated for the festivals. And every year, the mailman delivers countless letters of rejection…  Even if your movie does make it into festivals, there is no guarantee it will be acquired.

Dreams down the drain.

This stuff happens to all of us. Heck, it even happens to the studios. But what you need to understand is, there is always a market for your movie. When I was just starting out, the internet was not in full force. People argued the value of shooting in digital VS film and High definition – what the heck was HD? All of that is (thankfully) history.

These days, it doesn’t matter if some unpaid, overworked and underfed festival intern (or equally emaciated acquisition executive) doesn’t like your movie. These days you have a wonderful thing called the internet, which allows filmmakers to sell work on demand, straight to the consumer. There will be a day when you can release your feature with the ease of YouTube… And your movie will be available to the masses with no middleman.

Wait… That day is today.

If you find yourself with a bunch of rejection letters, check out Create Space. They offer some pretty neat services for getting your movie into the global marketplace, including streaming downloads, rentals, some incorporation of TiVo and the option to sell a physical DVD through Amazon.

Remember. Never ask permission to be successful!

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