What is Your Filmmaking Niche?

In movie marketing, there is this phrase I really like: “Marketing to everybody is marketing to nobody and niches will make you riches.” And while not every movie is guaranteed success, it is much easier to find your audience when you choose a filmmaking niche.

What is a filmmaking niche? It’s making a movie for a small slice of a larger audience. For example, let’s say you were making a horror movie. Horror is a very broad genre. But a subset of the horror genre is zombie movies. So in this example, making a zombie movie for a zombie loving audience would be your filmmaking niche.

filmmaking niche

What is Your Filmmaking Niche?

Knowing your filmmaking niche is important because in order to make your film discoverable in distribution channels like Amazon, you’ll need to promote. This means that you’ll continually work to drive the people who like your type of film (your audience) to a buy now button.

Sounds easy right? The problem is, many filmmakers completely ignore this strategy and attempt to make a movie that appeals to everybody. This is great if you’re a major movie studio. But if you’re not, it is frankly too expensive to market to everybody. So before you even think about making your movie, answer these filmmaking questions.

  1. Who Is Your Target Audience?
  2. How Large Is Your Target Audience?
  3. How Will You Reach Your Audience?
  4. What Is Your Marketing Strategy?
  5. How Many VOD Sales To Break Even?

Since Amazon is accessible on the Internet, as part of your strategy, you can drive traffic to your Amazon page through online promotion. To start the process, you must create a web presence that speaks to your audience. In other words, you need to make sure the right people know your movie exists. Who are the right people? People who love your type of movie.

Your Film Website: When it comes to designing a movie website, most filmmakers fail to focus on their filmmaking niche. They know they need a website for their film. The problem is, most filmmakers put way too much crap on their site. And none of it speaks to their audience.

Your Website Goals: It’s essential to have goals for your movie website. When people come to your website, what action do you want them to take? Do you want visitors to Tweet about the site? Join you on Facebook? Get into your mailing list? Or buy your movie?

Delete Distractions: Once you know your website goals, you need to determine if your website architecture and design is inline with your goals. To do this, install Google Analytics and monitor your traffic. If you find people are getting lost in a bunch of silly pages, remove those pages. Keep what matters. And if you like these tips, you’ll love our film distribution training.

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