Why VHS Is The NEW Filmmaking Standard

What I’m about to share is totally bangin, crunk and fantabulous!

Forget those Super 8mm cameras! Forget all those hours you spend fighting traffic to drop off your cartridges at the local drug store. Forget the weeks you spend waiting for your camera footage to be developed! And forget about those clunky movie screens you set up in your living room.

(My screen broke again!)

The future of filmmaking is upon us. And the future is NOW!

For those of you interested in making movies, there is a new format. And this format allows you to simply put a tape in a camera and push record. And these cameras (also referred to as camcorders) allow you to capture audio!

Want a hint? Well it’s grody to the max!

And no. I am not referring to Betamax. For those of you interested in Betamax. Bad news. . . Betamax sucks and it is yesterday’s technology. No kidding. I was at the recent NAB show and one of the reps (who will remain unnamed) told me that VHS is going to win the tape race over Betamax. (Sorry.)

Unofficially, he cited that the adult movie industry is driving the trend. But who knows?

Why VHS Is The NEW Filmmaking Standard

For those of you seeking a new way to make movies, I am talking about VHS.

VHS Image by Groink

Like, take a chill pill. . . VHS it is totally rad, and it is by far the most exciting development in filmmaking I have ever seen! According to this widely popular encyclopedia:

“The VHS cassette is a 187 mm wide, 103 mm deep, 25 mm thick plastic shell held together with five Phillips head screws. The flip-up cover that protects the tape has a built-in latch with a push-in toggle on the right side (bottom view image). The VHS cassette also includes an anti-despooling mechanism consisting of several plastic parts between the plastic spools, near the front of the tape (white and black in the top view). The spool brakes are released by a push-in lever within a 6.35 mm hole accessed from the bottom of the cassette.”

Not only is VHS the most exciting way to capture footage and make movies, but because it is the new standard, many companies are rushing to market with awesome camera equipment. If you’d like some additional info on MODERN filmmaking, download the filmmaker roadmap.

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