Thoughts On The Walimex Pro Aptaris System

Looking for a great camera support system? Check out the Walimex Pro Aptaris System. It’s an amazing little support system that is great for beginning and veteran filmmakers alike.

The versatile system is extremely modular, so you can choose to purchase an entire camera support all at once or in pieces as your need and budget allow.

Walimex Pro Aptaris SystemThoughts On The Walimex Pro Aptaris System

The camera cage is almost entirely milled aluminum, so it will stand up to repeated use. While the XL Adjustable DSLR Cage is (by name) aimed at DSLR cameras, the adjustable nature of the rig allows it hold a variety of cameras of different sizes – if it fits, it rigs.

Add on the Rail System, Shoulder Module, and Handles and you have a great system that is versatile and sturdy.

The Good On The Walimex Pro Aptaris System
– Solid, (nearly) tool-less all-metal construction (the DSLR Cage needs a hex wrench)
– Modular design sets available
– Great adaptable handles: natural ergonomic angle and extendable arms

The Not So Good On The Walimex Pro Aptaris System
– Front Heavy (more below)

Final Thoughts On The Walimex Pro Aptaris System:

The Walimex Pro Aptaris System system is an amazing, sturdy rig system and a great investment. The only drawback I found is that the all-metal construction makes it very front heavy when built out as a shoulder rig. But if you put a weight or battery pack on the shoulder mount, you can counter balance the front weight of the rig and end up with a nicely balanced system.

If you need a sturdy camera rig system, the Walimex Aptaris system may be for you!

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