Film Scheduling And Budgeting Software

To make a great movie, you need a great screenplay. And assuming you have your killer screenplay (the draft you are actually going to produce), you might be asking what to do next.

The next step in the filmmaking process involves breaking your script into core elements. Your elements typically consist of: Locations, cast, sets, wardrobe, props, et al. Knowing your elements helps you create an accurate schedule. Your schedule allows you to create a budget. And all this information helps you create a business plan so you can start raising money.

Film Scheduling And Budgeting Software

Film Scheduling And Budgeting Software

In the world of big budget Hollywood productions, you would never attempt to break down, schedule and budget your own movie. You would simply hire a 1st Assistant Director to schedule your movie and a line producer (or UPM) to budget your movie.

If you’re making a no-budget backyard indie, hiring Hollywood professionals may not be possible. Lucky for you, there is plenty of film scheduling and budgeting software to help. The top three scheduling and budgeting tools I’d love to promote are Movie Magic, Gorilla and LightSpeed Eps.

1. Movie Magic Film Scheduling And Budgeting Software: For years and years, the industry standard scheduling and budgeting software has been Movie Magic (affiliate link). Produced by Entertainment Partners, this software allows you to break down your screenplay, and schedule your movie.

The only downside to Movie Magic is the cost. To get both the film scheduling and budgeting software, you will have to shell out over six-hundred dollars! This outlay of cash may be cost prohibitive to many indie filmmakers.

2. Gorilla by Jungle Software: Back in 2003, I was one of the original beta testers for a film scheduling and budgeting software from Jungle Software called Gorilla (affiliate link). If you are creating a low budget indie feature, this software will usually do the trick.

Unlike Movie Magic, Gorilla is an “all in one” movie scheduling and budgeting program. This makes loading the software a little more convenient. And at half the price of Movie Magic, this will help you come up with an accurate schedule and budget for your movie.

3. LightSpeed Eps: In addition to desktop based software programs, there are quite a few web based scheduling and budgeting solutions available. Originally many producers were hesitant to utilize anything based “in the cloud”, citing the rare occasions when you film in a remote part of world.

But this has changed. Unlike the more desktop-centric classics, LightSpeed Eps (affiliate link) allows you to do more than merely create a schedule – LightSpeed Eps is an entire production management hub.

The only slight downside is LightSpeed Eps does not currently have budgeting component. But given the software is free for a single user, I think most filmmakers can live with this!

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