What Filmmaker Gear Would You Grab If You Had $1000?

For many filmmakers, the thought of owning the latest and greatest filmmaker gear is exciting. If that describes you, today is your lucky day.

For the next few minutes, imagine you magically received a $1000 dollar gift card. You have one hour to spend the money. And you can only buy filmmaker gear… What would you buy?

What sort of filmmaking stuff would grab your attention? A new camera? Some lenses? A tripod? Maybe an external hard drive? Audio equipment? What do you need?

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What Filmmaker Gear Would You Grab?

Again, you can grab any filmmaking equipment you need, as long as the total is less than $1000.

Here’s a link to some filmmaker gear on Amazon. I’m sure taking a gander at the gear they offer will help spark some ideas. I’m personally excited to find out what you are most excited about!

What sort of gear grabs your attention?

Please feel free to comment below.

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