Name My Filmmaking Book Contest

I have been writing a filmmaking book.

It outlines the whole modern moviemaking philosophy – and originally I thought I would stay with the Filmmaker Action Pack theme, and possibly call it “Confessions of a Modern Moviemaker.”

The title is fun because, historically books titled with the word “confessions” seem to intrigue readers…

I also fear the title might be a little too gimmicky.

So before I send the book off to the press, I thought I would ask you for advice.

Before I do, let me tell you what the book covers…

Unlike most the other filmmaking books you’ve read, this one is going to be tons different.

In it, I will cover how to create a mini-movie studio, how to gear your material towards your target audience, how to reach your target audience and how to market and sell your movie without the middle-man.

Because coming up with a title is really tough, I need your help. I have decided to create a contest…

All you have to do is comment below with your best book title. And if I use your title, you will win a free copy of the book as well as a half-hour of modern moviemaking coaching (valued at $150) on Skipe or phone if you’re in the US.

This is a completely biased contest. And it is possible that nobody will win.

This filmmaking book contest expires on August 30th, 2011.

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