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As a filmmaker, you must realize that movie marketing is essential to your success. And while I’m sure you “know” this, you probably aren’t doing anything about it.

In an effort to provide you with bite sized steps you can take to accelerate your filmmaking success, I have listed the top ten things that all filmmakers must include in their movie marketing:

  1. Definable hook.
  2. Great screenplay.
  3. Clearly definable target audience.
  4. Cost effective way to reach the target audience.
  5. Consistent branding (logos, fonts and colors) on movie marketing collateral.
  6. Awesome poster.
  7. Great Movie website that helps you “sell” your movie.
  8. Marketing plan included in your business plan.
  9. Team of people consisting of at least one internet nerd.
  10. The willingness to implement your own sales and marketing strategy.

At speaking events, people always ask me questions about DIY or Self-Distribution – usually wondering if these methods are better than handing over all rights for some middle-man to get them into the many VOD outlets.

My response is always the same.

If the deal makes sense (meaning, you are happy with the deal), only you can decide if you should outsource your sales, marketing and distribution to some other middle-man.

But if the deal doesn’t make sense, wouldn’t it make sense for you to do what most traditional business owners do – add a movie marketing division to your production company! Then figure out how to create some movie marketing magic!

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