How To Make Movies Even If You Do Not Live In Hollywood

If you want to make movies, I am not going to sugarcoat or pretend that the process is easy. But if you have the right tools, an awesome game plan, and the tenacity to keep going when the going gets tough… You can make movies even if you do not live in Hollywood.

Long before I made my first feature, I was stuck in my small town. While most of my friends focused on getting married, finding a real job and raising a family, all I could talk about was making a movie. Can you picture this? You’re in a small town. You want to make movies and around you thinks you’re crazy? That was my life.

I did not know anybody in the movie industry. I wasn’t even sure if I could make movies. But I did find work, doing stuff on a few corporate videos and low budget television commercials. That experience taught me a lot about camera equipment and set etiquette. But it really didn’t teach me anything about how to become a filmmaker and make movies.

This was a time when Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith were making movies and gaining notoriety. Like a lot of filmmakers, I was inspired. And I suddenly realized all I had to do was pick up a camera and capture footage.


Make Movies Even If You Do Not Live In Hollywood

If you’re in a small town, there is a lot you can do toward making movies that doesn’t require money. For example, you can sketch out an idea for a movie you can shoot in your hometown for minimal money. For me, that meant driving around with a camera, looking for interesting locations.

I found cool stuff like this:

  • Life sized shoe house.
  • Car on the top of a roof.
  • Miniature Statue of Liberty.
  • Overflowing rivers.
  • Some local carnival.
  • A run down bowling alley.

These images inspired the first screenplay I wrote. It was a bowing comedy.

Since that time, I’ve lived in both New York and Hollywood. I’ve made some movies and have worked in film distribution. And through all of it, I realized that the future of filmmaking is not Hollywood. It is the thousands of independent filmmakers just like you, empowered by the digital revolution.

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