15 Killer Resources So You Can Make A Movie This Year

If you’ve ever seen me at speaking events, you know that one of my core philosophies is to simply assess your current resources and make a movie you can make this year. In other words, you don’t need permission to become a filmmaker. As long as you don’t compromise safety (for your cast or crew) you don’t need to wait for everything to be perfect. You just need to take action.

The following short (directed by my friend Jared Tweedie) is an example of this. Shot on a small camera (Rebel T2i), using limited locations, the short serves as a good example of how you can pack an emotional punch into a micro project. But a little warning, the video contains some strong language that may be inappropriate for anybody under 18 years of age.

15 Killer Resources So You Can Make A Movie This Year

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If you can push yourself to overcome fear and excuses – and just make a movie, you will be much better off than the majority of other filmmakers who spend years talking, with nothing to show for it. And if you’d like some more ideas, make sure you download my filmmaker checklist.

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