5 Huge Filmmaking Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Career

As filmmakers, we all make mistakes. Some are big. Some are small. But there are five colossal filmmaking mistakes that I’ve come across throughout the years. I’ve made many of these mistakes myself. And I’ve also seen these mistakes with other artists trying to make a living as filmmakers.

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Filmmaking Mistakes Wreck Your Career

1. The Happy Artist

This is probably one of the most significant factors why some people are not making it as filmmakers. The happy artist believes that someone else will come and make their life easier. They think a producer or an agent will make them a star, give them money, or boost their career.

2. Find a Strong Story

The second mistake is the story. To make a great film, you need to have a great screenplay. Without a great story, you don’t have anything. Your job is to find a strong story that holds your audience’s attention. It is important not to rush the writing when planning for a film. That’s why you need to plan and research…

3. Spend Time on Research

So many people rush the development phase. To make a great film, you need to develop an original story. If you don’t do the research properly, there’s a chance that your movie will not be appealing to the audience. It would help if you did deep research on the story, character, subject, and marketplace demand before deciding anything.

4. Bad Film craft Sucks

No one likes to watch films that have bad film craft. This all comes down to self-awareness. You have two options: you’re patient and learn the film craft well enough to feel satisfied with its look, or you bring in someone who already has the skill. Bad film craft will result in a bad film, so invest time to learn it if you don’t feel like you have the skill today.

5. Don’t be Stuck in the System.

This is also one of the essential factors why many filmmakers can’t make a living. If you want to be successful, you have to be different and unique. Don’t do the same things as everyone else does. It is a very competitive industry. Therefore, you must innovate and find new ways to improve yourself, your craft, and your productions. You can try new things in development, production, marketing, or distribution. But think differently and avoid these filmmaking mistakes!

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André Wallström is a producer and creative. He runs the production company Rough Studios with this brother, where they produce doc series and features. Check out their YouTube channel called Creative North.

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