How To Start Your Own (mini) Movie Studio From Anywhere

The entire world of indie filmmaking is changing. To survive the ups and downs, you will have to constantly adapt and keep pushing forward. You will need a short term game and a long term game.

Short term, you will obviously want to finish your current movie project. Long term, because the market is saturated with movies, you will need to think of yourself as a mini movie studio, continually focused on building your brand and sourcing your own audience.

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How To Start Your Own Movie Studio

To start your own mini movie studio, you will need to:

  1. Create multiple titles over time.
  2. Build a very genre specific movie library.
  3. Have an in-house movie marketing guru…

While creating a mini-movie-studio may seem beyond the scope and scale of what you think is possible, setting your sights high is much more proactive than ignoring the gazillion backyard indies competing for the same virtual shelf space as mainstream Hollywood movies.

Unlike years past, you no longer need Hollywood to succeed. You can start your own movie studio from anywhere. This the indie movie distribution equivalent of the automobile replacing the horse-drawn-wagon. You are no longer an indie filmmaker. You are now an entrepreneurial filmmaker.

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