Five Filmmaker Success Tactics You Need To Utilize

Filmmaking is changing. Producing is cheaper. And distribution outlets are accessible. This is a paradigm shift. The ripple effect has made Hollywood less relevant. Are you ready?


Five Filmmaker Success Tactics You Need To Utilize

These practical filmmaker success tactics should be helpful.

Filmmaker Success Tactic #1 – Build Your Fan Club. Like any business, in order to prosper, you need to create, build and keep customers. For filmmakers, this means sourcing an audience of people who enjoy your work. This will provide you with leverage so you can write your own ticket.

Keep in mind that you don’t actually “build” your own audience. You should cast small scale stars who already have their own online following. Additionally you can find out where your target audiences congregate online and make them aware of your film.

Filmmaker Success Tactic #2 – Create content. If you’re serious about your filmmaking future, you need to have a YouTube page and you need to be making creative short movies at least every month. Why YouTube? Because YouTube is owned by Google. And YouTube allows you to create community around your work.

Filmmaker Success Tactic #3 – Create new products. Every business needs to sell a service or a product to survive. As an independent filmmaker, your primary product is feature films. To make this business viable for yourself, you need to fill your file cabinet with story ideas. Then you need to figure out how to turn those stories into feature films, ready for sale.

Filmmaker Success Tactic #4 – Surround yourself with talent. You can’t do everything yourself. Find a group of 10 other filmmakers who have complementary talents and an equal level of passion and enthusiasm. Then join forces and create some (movie) products!

Filmmaker Success Tactic #5 – Learn how to sell. You will need sales skills on two fronts. Firstly, you should know how to sell, so you can Film Business Plan. And secondly, you should know how to sell so that you can accelerate sales of your movies. Once you learn the basics – stop fetching coffee and take a sales job outside of the industry, selling something tough. If you can master sales skills, you will start cold calling heavy hitters with no hesitation. This make pitching your ideas or (independent movie) products a cinch.

I hope these filmmaking tips are helpful. You may also want to download my filmmaker checklist.

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