5 tips to get your screenplay ready for filming

When making a movie, it’s common for filmmakers to get so excited about a project, that they forget to check and recheck the script.

This becomes even more difficult when the money is in the bank. But money plus a bad script can be a disaster.

Do not start production until you are sure the script is ready.

Here are 5 tips on getting your screenplay up to par:

1. Read, read, and re-read. Each time ask yourself: “What else can I cut without compromising the story?”
2. Have other people read the script. If they can’t find anything wrong with it, then you need to find new trusted readers.
3. Have a table read. If something sounds like crap, then fix it fast!
4. After the read, ask if anyone has feedback, good or bad. Take what works, and ignore the rest.
5. Try to make every word on the page push the story forward.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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