3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Film Distribution Deal


Landing a killer film distribution deal is all about reducing risk and increasing the potential reward for a prospective distributor. The problem is, most filmmakers never think about this stuff until it's too late. As a filmmaker it is important to remember that you are creating and selling a product. Yes, your movie is your product. And like any entrepreneur you must plan … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Audience Through Email

Build Your Audience

As a filmmaker, you can't attend any filmmaking event without someone talking about the importance of why you need to build your audience. So you can imagine my surprise when at a recent speaking gig, a filmmaker raised her hand and asked: "When you say build your audience, what does that mean?" Admittedly, until I got this question, it never really occurred to me that … [Read more...]

5 Movie Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

Movie Marketing

As a movie marketing nerd, I routinely read and study every movie communication and advertisement that comes my way. And over the years, my interest in movie marketing strategy has given me tons of ideas on how to help clients reach their own audiences and sell more movies. Without mentioning names, a few days back, I received a promotional email from a rather well known … [Read more...]

Five Tips For Marketing Your Movie (Before You Make It)

Are You Marketing Your Movie

If you're like most filmmakers, you're not thinking about marketing your movie. This is probably because you don't yet have a movie... So why would you think about marketing your movie? But that thinking is lazy and wrong. You are creating a product. Your product is your movie. And unless you understand how you will reach your audience and sell your movie, you are … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Movie With BitTorrent

Promote_Movie_ BitTorrent

How To Promote Your Movie With BitTorrent by Bojan Dulabi I am in the middle of self distributing my feature film, Living Life or Waiting to Die. If you are in the same position as me, your biggest question is: “How am I going to promote my movie without spending a fortune?” A lot of us think social media is the answer. You can share news with your followers on Facebook … [Read more...]