What Filmmaker Gear Would You Grab If You Had $1000?

Filmmaker Gear

For many filmmakers, the thought of owning the latest and greatest filmmaker gear is exciting. If that describes you, today is your lucky day. For the next few minutes, imagine you magically received a $1000 dollar gift card. You have one hour to spend the money. And you can only buy filmmaker gear... What would you buy? What sort of filmmaking stuff would grab your … [Read more...]

Thoughts On The SmallHD Sidefinder 502


Many filmmakers start out shooting on DSLRs, and indeed the DSLR created a revolution in low-budget filmmaking that is unmatched in the history of film. But one of the problems with DSLR filmmaking is the fact that most DSLRs have tiny, tiny screens. This is a problem when you have to nail focus at 1080P or now 4K resolution. So what do we do? Let's check out the latest … [Read more...]

Thoughts on The Sony FS7

Sony FS7 Image

It is great when companies listen to their users. Sony obviously listened to comments about the ergonomics of the FS100 and 700 when they designed their newest XDCAM, the Sony PXW-FS7. The Sony FS7 is an ergonomic prize. It sits nicely on your shoulder and has an extendible handle that puts controls in perfect reach for a one man shooter. The Sony FS7 sports a super-35 … [Read more...]

The Sony A7s Camera

Sony A7s

Thoughts On The Sony A7s Camera by Michael Head I once had a cinematography professor tell me that the video DSLR trend is just a fad. But for whatever reasons, camera manufacturers didn't hear his message. New and more powerful cameras are coming out everyday, and each model strives to be better then the one before it. This makes it hard to be a tech-nerd in the film … [Read more...]