Film School In Your Pocket

Film School Lighting a Scene

If I were to teach a formal course in filmmaking, I would call it “Never Has So Much Been Done With So Little, By So Few.” In my film school, you wouldn’t have to buy course materials. On the first day of film school, I would give each student a legal pad, some pencils and […]

Making Movies Beyond The TMZ


I’m a filmmaker. This is going on my 3rd year making films. I live in Long Beach, California which might as well be Siberia as far as film making is concerned. It definitely is not in the TMZ zone. Before I made a movie, I had no filmmaking experience nor attended any film school classes. […]

Jason Faller Makes Movies


I am always impressed by filmmakers who take action and make their movie without asking permission. Jason Faller is one such filmmaker. He produces, markets and sells his own movies. And I believe he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the Modern Moviemaker. He stopped by Filmmaking Stuff to provide some tips…

What They Don’t Teach You In Flimmaking Class


A few years ago I worked with the director confident in his ability. He had gone to film school, had directed many shorts and he was very talented. But I learned what they don’t teach you in flimmaking class. The problem was, outside of being a good director – our ex-friend lacked integrity. On one […]

Funny Short Film Ideas


Many filmmakers waste months and years trying to make everything perfect. These same filmmakers fill their closets with valuable camera gear that collects dust and never gets used. If that’s you, stop it. I know making a movie is scary. Your first few short films will suck. This is part of the process… You must […]

Filmmaking Without Film School


In this filmmaking question, a prospective film school student asks what he can do before going to film school. I have not made any films but I am planning to attend film school in two years. In the meantime what are some things I can do to prepare myself? For example, I am watching and […]

Filmmaking Tips For Beginners


In this guest filmmaking article, producer Susan Ngozi Nwokedi provides Filmmaking Tips For Beginners. Growing up in Nigeria, I remember watching movies and wondering how could I be one of the actors in the film or how could I make movies like the one I was watching. My desire to work in entertainment stayed with […]

Gary King Talks Filmmaking


see Kevin Smith as the guru who is able to take his fan base and monetize it in a way that makes sense and doesn’t make anyone feel ripped off. We’ve also seen the recent success of comedian Louie C.K. and his comedy special that he sold exclusively and independently online which grossed over a million dollars.

Crowdfunding With Koo

Koo is getting close to reaching his $115,000 dollar crowdfunding goal!

How To Make 200K With Your Movie

Here is a great filmmaking article over at No Film School detailing how some no-budget filmmakers garnered over 200K by selling their movies on iTunes.