Stop Making Excuses And Make Your Movie

A few weeks back my filmmaker friend Jared invited me over to help out with a short project. This is not new. Over the past few months, Jared has been cranking out short movies.

The reason for this? We are gearing up to make our next feature. And in ways akin to a boxer training for the big fight – Jared is working out.

In doing so, we are once again asking ourselves an important question: “Given the resources that we have right now, what is the feature that we can make this year?”

Every week, we are getting closer to an answer.

With that said, we are still months away from the next feature. So in the meantime, it is important to train. It is important to make as many short movies as you can. They don’t have to be anything overly complex, but they should be fun. They should be challenging. Most of all, you cannot be afraid to suck.

The reason for cranking out shorts quickly is to improve. This is a time to practice. Many of you could probably make better quality movies. The question is, why aren’t you doing it?

Once your movie is complete, upload it to YouTube. Find out if you can get some viewers. Monitor the comments and feedback.

Filmmaker Tech Specs: For those of you interested in our tech – the camera as was a Cannon EOS and the scenes were lit with practical lights.

Jared says he has about a half-dozen more shorts in the pipeline. So I will continue to chart our training… Eventually we will have a story. And we will then test a crowdfunding campaign…

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