One Filmmaker’s Journey: Rise of The Fellowship

There was once a time when you were required to live in Los Angles or New York City to be taken seriously as a filmmaker.

But over the years the low cost of production technology, coupled with the proliferation of desktop (and laptop) video editing tools has made geography an afterthought.


These days you can make, market and sell a movie directly from your computer. And to prove it, filmmaker Ron Newcomb was able to produce and distribute his latest feature, Rise of The Fellowship outside the system.

I sat down with Ron earlier this week to chat about filmmaking and his strategy for raising money, finding an audience and getting his movie sold. You can listen to our interview below:

Mr. Newcomb has 20 years’ experience in the independent film industry where he has produced several short films along with three full-length feature films. He has served many of the roles on the team, but currently enjoys directing. Ron has also written films, and co-wrote his current project, Rise of the Fellowship. His documentary “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” just was offered a TV deal, and he currently is producing a new epic fantasy series “The Rangers”.


  1. Antony Henry says


    Thank you for this great stuff! It was not just informative, it was highly inspiring too. Continue the great job.


  2. Tommy G. Kendrick says

    Great interview with Ron Newcomb. I’m happy to say that back in Jan 2012 I had Ron as a guest on Actors Talk Podcast to discuss this very film. (In fact Ron was the first interview guest I had on Actors Talk Podcast.) At that time the film was still in post production and had a different title. It’s been a long journey for Ron and his team but they have completed this journey in great style and with a terrific film. Again, really enjoyed this interview and I know it will be helpful to other indie filmmakers who are working to get their projects finished and in front of an audience.

  3. Joseph Holsapple says

    Im an aspiring artist and writer in Charlottesville, Va. I currently pubish my artwork on Facebook; while writing a trilogy.

    Could it be possible for a man in my position to eventually become a filmmaker

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