20 Filmmaker Thought Leaders To Follow on Twitter

As a filmmaker, Twitter is awesome and allows you to interact with filmmakers and Hollywood types who would otherwise be inaccessible. This is a good thing!

While there are a lot of great people sharing filmmaking tips on Twitter, the problem is, there are a LOT of filmmakers Tweeting!

To help you out, I have listed 20 Filmmakers To Follow on Twitter.


20 Filmmaker Thought Leaders To Follow on Twitter

Listed in no particular order, these are some of the filmmaker thought leaders who are actively working to create and refine an awesome new filmmaking paradigm.

1.   @EmilyBest – Emily Best loves helping independent filmmakers. With her company, Seed&Spark she is working to tackle big problems in the areas of film finance and movie distribution.

2.   @TedHope – Legendary indie producer Ted Hope freely shares ideas on how we can all improve the state of independent film. He recently took over as CEO of Fandor, so Ted’s contribution is going to get interesting.

3.   @FilmCourage – I can’t begin to tell you how awesome Film Courage is. They consistently share useful, how-to filmmaking interviews and content. Watch all their filmmaking videos and you’ll get a film education.

4.   @KinoNation1 – Roger Jackson at Kino Nation is setting out to power worldwide distribution of every movie ever made, in every language, anytime, to anyone. (Which is pretty ambitious.)

5.   @ErickOpeka – If you’re following trends in VOD distribution like I am, then you need to follow Erick Opeka. He is the SVP of Digital Distribution for Cinedigm, one of the largest indie film & TV distributors worldwide.

6.   @Jon_Reiss – Jon Resiss is the author of Think Outside The Box Office and a great guy. His ideas on movie distribution are practical and useful. I always pay attention to what Jon is doing.

7.   @OndiTimoner – Ondi Timoner is a filmmaker with innovative, disruptive and filmmaker friendly ideas.

8.   @dantebasco Okay. While Dante is pretty well known for playing Rufio in Hook – He totally has his finger on the pulse of new audience engagement tactics. Follow him to see what’s going on in the YouTube Space.

9.   ‏@VHXTV – Innovative platform that allows filmmakers to sell work directly to their fans. Their tech is pretty impressive and worth checking out.

10.  @shericandler – Sheri Candler is an inbound marketing specialist. She helps filmmakers define, target and reach an audience of people clamoring to see your movie.

11.  @zakforsman – Zak Forsman ‏ is a filmmaker who has figured out how to navigate the emerging trends in both fundraising and distribution. He’s always on the move and worth watching.

12.  @TurnerGuinevere – Guinevere Turner is a writer, actor and a director with great ideas.

13.  @distrify – Before a gazillion people got into the internet VOD space, there was Distrify. They allow filmmakers to sell movies and movie merchandise direct to their fans.

14.  @MarcHustvedt – Back when I was Chill, Marc Hustvedt was our head of entertainment. He was the founder of Tubefilter and is an expert on the current YouTube-centric, digital landscape.

15.  @NolanGravitas – Nolan Gallagher is the founder & CEO of indie film distributor Gravitas Ventures. He was a pioneer in VOD distribution. As a result, Gravitas Ventures is one of the top distributors in the world.

16.  @DandEent – If you are looking for help marketing a theatrical release, check out D&E Entertainment.

17.  @NoFilmSchool – Ryan Koo runs a great site and tweets stuff to help you become a better filmmaker.

18.  @MilesMaker – Miles Maker is a serious contender in the indie film space. He understands all aspects of the business and is very good at engaging and sourcing audiences for his movies.

19.  @TuggInc – What an awesome concept for indie filmmakers. Tugg allows your audience to help you choose which cities would be the best fit for your movie.

20. @bcfilmmaker – Peter D. Marshall has worked and survived in the film industry for over 30 years. He puts out great how-to information. Worth a follow.

And. . . Here is one more filmmaker thought leader to follow. (Hint, it’s me!)

21. @JasonBrubakerLA – Obviously if I’m going to write a list including 20 filmmakers to follow on Twitter, I may as well include myself. You’re welcome to communicate with me.

So there you have it. These folks made the cut for the Official 2014, Filmmaking Stuff, Top 20 Filmmaker Thought Leaders To Follow on Twitter.

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