Digital Film Distribution

The demise of DVD distribution, coupled with inexpensive production technology has flooded the marked with cheaply produced, accessible movies. And for most filmmakers, basing an entire distribution strategy on outside studios “picking up” completed movies is silly. Digital film distribution is now a primary way movies are getting seen and sold.

This paradigm shift makes it necessary for every filmmaker to create a specific marketing, sales and distribution plan for their movie.

To succeed, you will need to write a marketing and sales plan. This plan will outline your target audience. It will include specific tactics for reaching your audience and promoting your movie. Your plan will also detail the marketplaces you will utilize to achieve your goals. Will you take the festival route? Will you send your movie directly to sales agents and acquisition pros? Will you sell your movie on iTunes or Hulu or both?

Once you figure out how you will leverage online and offline media to achieve the necessary sales, you will need to budget for this. How many units will you need to sell at a defined price point to break even? How much will it cost you to sell enough units to make a profit? How much time will you need to execute your marketing plan and achieve these goals?

Success in digital film distribution is dependent upon audience engagement. Regardless of any technological trends coming into vogue – Without an audience, you really have no business.

Still Have Questions about film Distribution?

Film Distribution is my wheelhouse and I have helped hundreds of filmmakers via my sell your movie package. There’s too much that goes into marketing and distributing a movie to cover fully here – So if you still have questions feel free to ask in comment section below and I will do my best to respond promptly.


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