Design A Logo For Your Filmmaking Business

The easiest way to recognize and distinguish a brand is by its logo. In the film industry production lo

gos are usually seen at the beginning of films, on posters, websites and other materials that market the movie. Some of logos have become very famous over the years and they still have the potential to attract the audience.

Have you ever wondered how to design a logo for your filmmaking business?

The best way to start the logo design process is to write down some words describing your independent production company or your films. Try to think of what your brand should represent and decide what impression you want the logo to impart to the audience. For example, if you are making comedies or funny shorts, you can try to communicate a friendly or ironic message to your target audience – if you’re more focused on horror movies or action movies, choose a dark or intense atmosphere.

If you need help, you can organize a brain storming with your friends and compare their ideas. At the end you need to build a single, clear message about your brand.

Knowing other famous logos can also give you a great insight into what makes a good design. Be careful with taking example from old logos which are very sophisticated and full of details! They are still used because of their historical meaning.

Examples of famous film logos

When it comes to executing a logo, choosing the right graphic elements is the most important thing. Logo will express your brand identity through shapes, fonts, colors, and/or images.

Utilize Pictures In Your Logo

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then using a graphical element (icon, sign) in your logo should help to build your brand awareness. But remember, there is a huge difference between an effective logo and an illustration!

A picture, while impressive, is full of details and colors which used as a logo, may make it completely unreadable and inflexible! You should choose something very simple that will symbolize your brand’s personality and will represent the business.

Pick Your Fonts

Maybe more important than the picture in your logo, is the font. The typography you use should reflect your company’s characteristics and the brand identity. Finding the perfect font for your design is all about matching its style to the message you want to communicate to your audience.

You then need to find the right balance between the typography and other elements of the logo. Without harmony and cohesion the whole message of the brand will misfire!

Choosing Colors

Choosing a color should be the last decision. Remember that your logo sometimes can be displayed in only one color, so you should check whether this would affect its identity. Remember that if you use colors to distinguish certain elements, your logo may be completely unreadable in greyscale!

Keep in mind that it is good to choose one or two colors for the logo because it facilitates recognition of the brand. It really matters which color you choose because colors have meaning!

Movie production logo examples

At the end, make sure that the graphic elements you’ve chosen look good as one cohesive visual identity. And remember to include your logo in all promotional materials of your company.

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Ela Gancarz is an art director and designer who specializes in branding, entertainment advertising, commercials and web strategies across a variety of media including film, photography and installation art. Find out more about Ela’s services by visiting



  1. Nadia says

    I’m in the process of setting up a production company here in London, looking at web and logo designers at the moment! Thank you for this insightful article, really appreciate the advise!

  2. says

    Rick – Thanks for taking a moment to comment. In direct response, I actually hope the folks looking for how-to information on filmmaking DO make their own movies. Welcome to the community!

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    Go ahead, design your own logo. Just don’t be surprised when your next potential client decides to make his own film. And for the same reasons.

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