How To Become A Filmmaker: The Strangest Secret

If you want become a filmmaker, desire and ambition is not enough.

Your ability to get a movie made, seen and sold relies solely on YOUR persistence to make a movie. Your goal is to create an amazing vision for your career and keep going when things get tough. To succeed, you must resolve to do EVERYTHING in your power to prove to the universe that you want a career making movies. You have to do the work. Nobody will do this for you.

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How To Become A Filmmaker: The Strangest Secret

Are you ready for the secret?

Stop asking for permission to become a filmmaker.

After making several short films I had established a pretty good network of creative collaborators. Whenever we got accepted to a film festival, we would send out various query letters to agents and managers and producers. Some of these pros responded with a kind word or two. Many ignored us. None of them signed us. Then we asked the most important question:

Given the resources that we have right now, what is the movie we can make this year?

This changed everything. We made our first feature, a silly zombie movie. The movie garnered buzz and got us into the feature club. And because the technology was there, we successfully self-distributed. Our writer got an agent. Several of the cast and crew went on to do cool stuff, including me.

Successful filmmakers live by this mantra: “If it is meant to be, it is up to me.”

You to must take on this belief system if you are ever to become successful. Do not be lazy. Lazy people are not successful. Do not make movies for the money. There are easier ways to make money. But if you want to become a filmmaker, do it because nothing else excites you.

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