Advice For Filmmakers who Want to Make Movies

Early in my filmmaking career, I made a lot of mistakes – Many of these mistakes are attributable to a real lack of advice from people with experience. The following video featuring Quentin Tarantino, offers great advice to new filmmakers looking for guidance. (And for those of us filmmakers who have produced a few features – This is still great advice!)


In addition to the filmmaking advice offered in the video, here are 5 things you can do today to accelerate your filmmaking career:

  1. Write down your filmmaking goals. What do you want to accomplish in 5 years? Be specific.
  2. Who do you know who knows someone working in the movie industry. How will you contact that person?
  3. Plan at least one short project you can do each month. Examples would be: music videos, short movies and action sequences.
  4. Set up a profile at YouTube. I believe YouTube will become a major outlet for your eventual feature films. You may as well start building a fan base now.
  5. Set up filmmaking page on FaceBook – And then join us at FILMMAKING STUFF FACEBOOK PAGE

Keep in mind the movie industry is changing. In the past – in order to create your own movie business you needed a gazillion dollars and a traditional distribution solution. But those days are almost behind us. You must now think of your movie making as a global business. You no longer need to ask permission to become successful.

If you want to make a movie, make it! Then build a life-long fan base that will enjoy and pay for your work.

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  1. Jimmy says

    Hi Jason, my name is Jimmy, what is your take on spending from $13,000 – $32,000 in film schools, I was under the impression that if I spend every dime I have to go to a credited film school(Australia), I would be better able to secure a lasting career in the film industry both here in Aus and abroad. I cannot afford anything more than a consumer mini DV cam, and no-one will simply let me borrow the equipment with out a heavy deposit(understandable), If I write(re-write, naughty whether took everything) a script, who would be the best people to speak to?, I could take it some film school students I guess, but they would have thier own projects to deal with during lessons and beyond. your thoughts would be much appreciated.
    cheers mate

  2. Osvaldo Clemente says

    I am the first family of Roberto Clemente thats my wanting to make a movie off got all thats needed pluse..


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