What YouTube Teaches About Re-Cutting A Movie Trailer

When you create movie trailer, the goal is to build buzz so you can sell your film. There is a fine line between telling your audience too little or too much about your movie. I can’t stand it when people cut a movie trailer in such a way that spoils the entire film. Don’t do that.

There are times in your movie marketing campaign when you cut a movie trailer that doesn’t connect with your target audience. When this happens, I suggest you cut two or three different versions of your trailer and test responses.

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What YouTube Teaches About Re-Cutting A Movie Trailer

For some case studies on how a little music, a little cutting and a little creativity can change how people think about your story – I’ve added the following examples:

Taxi Driver – Recut

Taxi Driver is not a comedy. Not even close. But in this example, you would think you’re watching a quirky comedy. And that’s just wrong!


The Shining – Recut

If you’ve ever seen The Shining, it is the exact opposite of the family friendly comedy below.

Top Gun – Recut

You may not know this about me, but Top Gun is one of my all time, favorite movies. Here is a version that is nothing like the original.

Jaws – Recut (as a Disney movie.)

The real Jaws is terrifying. This particular version would have you believe it’s a heartwarming story between people and the fish that loves them.

As a possible exercise, you may want to re-cut a movie trailer to tell a new story. Doing this will not only teach you how to cut a trailer, but it will teach you how perception becomes reality. Additionally, you may want to download my filmmaker checklist.

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