You Ain’t Nobody In Hollywood Until…

If you want to make a film so you can become to be rich, famous and powerful, (or at least quit your day job) you better start doing the work.

There are plenty of ways to make money in the world. There are faster ways to produce a product than making a movie. There are easier ways to rush to market. Less stressful ways to make money.

But none of that stuff matters to you because you got the filmmaking bug. Sharing your films with the world is more important than selling out.

I get that. But let me offer you some advice.

Behind all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, there are a few pragmatic folks who understand what most would-be filmmakers are too artsy-fartsy or idiotic to acknowledge: Movies are a product.

Most of you are too busy imagining excitement, emotion and applause of a packed audience during the premiere your first movie. But here is the thing: Unless you take the time to research your intended target audience and create a product that people actually want to watch, your movie will collect dust in your dirty closet.

To become someone in Hollywood, you need to create movies that people actually want to watch. You need to create a product that people will actually buy.

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