What Is Your Movie Competition (And Why You Should Care)

What is your movie competition? Do you know? Well one of the Filmmaking Stuff readers sent the following question about this topic:

Jason – I’m trying to put together a business plan for my prospective investors. I need to figure out who my competition is, and I am having difficulty. Do you have any ideas what my movie competition is?

– A Confused Filmmaker

Hi Confused,


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Good question. Since the kernel of all industry is an idea, followed by a business plan, you’re not alone. When venturing into any market, one of the challenges is working to pinpoint your competition and figuring out ways that your business will compete.

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What Is Your Movie Competition And Why You Should Care

In the world of indie filmmaking, your competition comes down to two main categories.

  1. A digital store-shelf filled with millions of other films.
  2. Ignorance in the marketplace… Nobody knows your film exists.

On both accounts, you are responsible for helping your movie rise above the noise. The question is, what makes your movie so remarkable that your audience would give up two hours to watch it? If you can’t find a way to hook someone with your story, your movie runs the risk of floating forever in quiet obscurity.

For all these reasons, it is vitally important that your business plan also includes a marketing plan. I would also go on to say that your marketing plan should allocate at least fifty-percent of your budget towards the marketing, sales and distribution of your movie. If you would like to create a marketing plan for your movie, check out my how to sell your movie program.

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