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As a filmmaker, one of my favorite devices in the entire world is my iPad. Last summer it rarely left my body. I pushed the iPad to its limits, determined never to open my laptop.  Some would say I had a problem and that I needed to attend group therapy. I used my iPad so much, my thumb joints ached. However, like learning to play the guitar, I eventually pushed through the pain and my thumbs became stronger, better, faster.

I could understand that it may have appeared I had some iPad issues: I used it while bathing; I slept with it under my pillow. Friends called me “The Human iPad”.

The reason for my obsession is simple. With applications tailored to filmmaking, the iPad can greatly increase your productivity, give you access to information quickly, and function as an efficient tool to achieve your goals.  As a filmmaker, this little window of awesomeness is essential.

Here is a list of our Top Filmmaking Apps:

Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaking Stuff  – If you want to stay up to date on all this filmmaking stuff, you can grab the app free of charge. Make sure you check out the bonus audio recordings.

ReelDirector – This is a full-blown video editing solution for iPhone and iPad.

DSLR Slate – Provides a useful way to slate your shots and helps streamline shot logging and post production.

MovieSlate – An easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot. Saves time when you capture and edit your footage.

Storyboard Composer – This is a storyboard and pre-visualization composer designed for Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers, Writers, Animators, Art Directors and film students.

pCAM Film+Digital Calculator – This is Cinematography and Still Photography calculator.

Action Log – A film and television logging tool, designed for use on location or in a studio with up to 25 recording devices.

ProPrompter – Allows you to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a smooth scrolling professional teleprompter.

Teleprompt+ for iPad – professional teleprompter for the iPad.

Screenplay – Black Mana Studios’ Screenplay is the world’s first fully-functional mobile screenwriting application.

Scripts Pro – Scripts Pro is an easy-to-use screen writing application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

FiRe – Field Recorder – FiRe is the world’s first professional field recorder built exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

PocketLD – Enter any throw distance to determine beam/field diameter and fc/lux for any selected fixture and lamp.

BeamCalc – Use BeamCalc to calculate the geometry and photometrics of spotlight beams.

Artemis Remote for iPad – Artemis Remote allows several people to monitor what Artemis is seeing through the camera and even change lenses and save a picture taken with the camera in the local iPad image gallery.

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer – Provides both a FLAT VIEW COMPASS and an AUGMENTED REALITY CAMERA 3-D VIEW showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and more.

SMPTE Score HD – SMPTE Score HD can calculate ALL relationship combinations of; SMPTE timecode, Tempo (beats per minute) and Score length (written measures).

Rehearsal 2– The professional tool for actors and other members of the production crew to organize their scripts for auditions and working on set.

AJA DataCalc – The AJA DataCalc computes storage requirements for professional video and audio media.

ProRemote – Allows you to control your Audio applications wirelessly using your existing Wifi network.

Jerad Anderson is an independent producer and founder of Watchbox, a distribution platform for independent filmmakers. To find out more about The Watchbox Player, go here.

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