Is Your Filmmaking Book Good?

I originally wrote the Filmmaking Stuff book to help YOU. I wrote this book because a few years back, myself and some other producers decided to dump ALL of our limited resources into a niche audience focused, silly zombie movie. And while the movie was not Oscar caliber, it did have a remarkable hook that promoted word of mouth buzz.

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As a result, we received quite a few calls from prospective distributors and sales agents. But instead of writing us a check, many of these guys simply expected us to relinquish our movie rights for the mere validation of seeing our zombie movie at local video stores.

“We won’t make money, but we can rent our movie.”

I knew the odds of getting a gazillion-dollar check were improbable. But just like YOU, we held out hope that someone would discover our talent and give us some money. But it never happened…

>> Download The First Chapter of Filmmaking Stuff Here <<

Luckily, we did have one last strategy: We decided to try selling our movie on the internet, through Amazon.

I want to make something clear. This was a time when the idea of selling movies over the internet was new. And nobody liked the idea is because the concept of self-distribution was considered derogatory. So you can imagine our surprise when we made over a few thousand dollars over a few short months!

This experience forever changed the way I viewed filmmaking.

Before you decide to grab the book, you need to know something. If you are reading these words, looking for more information on three-point lighting or how to set up dolly track, you are in the wrong place. While all of that technical stuff is essential, you can find this information in just about every filmmaking book ever published. And you probably already have a bookshelf full of that stuff.

In this book, you will discover strategies on how to leverage popular movie marketplaces like iTunes, Amazon and Hulu for maximum profit. You will also learn how to run your filmmaking as a serious business.

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what you think. So go ahead and download the first chapter.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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