Relationships are Everything in Hollywood

Relationships are everything in Hollywood. I would even say that relationships are just as valuable as having talent (and in some cases, relationships are even more valuable than talent!)

So why do so many people screw this up?

I used to know a director. A very talented guy. I mean, on the scale of talented to super talented, this guy was big time.

In the short time I knew him, he successfully directed an award winning feature. The film created a ton of buzz and got him noticed in the festival circuit. After that, things got weird.

While I can’t exactly pinpoint when it happened, one day I got word that this guy ditched town… I mean, he left without too much notice and moved back east.

relationships are everything in hollywood

Relationships are Everything in Hollywood

None of his business partners could figure out what happened. Calls went unanswered. Emails were no longer returned. Nothing.

Fast forward to the end of the month.

The company accountant reached out to the other partners with some bad news. As it turns out this up-and-coming director did a nose dive. He had drained the company bank account… Not only that, but all the stuff he purchased (including over one-hundred dollars at Taco Bell?) reflected reckless abandonment.

Many people got screwed over. Many people felt betrayed, burnt, pissed. And they had every right to feel this way. This guy not only sabotaged a promising film directing career, but also friendships.

A Burnt Bridge Does Not Support Dead Weight

Here’s the thing. Mistakes happen. If you make a mistake, fess up to it. Do everything you can to make amends. Do everything you can to save the relationship. Because more than talent, relationships are everything in Hollywood.

And if you’re the type of person who purposefully sets out to disrespect other people, you might get away with it today or next week. But very soon, you will have a tainted reputation that will force you to move back east and out of the industry.

Should this person ever stumble back into La La land, he will be quickly reminded that relationships are everything in Hollywood.

(Also… Who spends over one-hundred dollars at Taco Bell?)

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