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Hire A Casting Director For Your Next Feature Film

Hire A Casting Director

Many filmmakers take the DIY approach to casting a film because the prospect of hiring casting directors is intimidating. Many indie producers feel like casting directors are the coveted gatekeepers to Hollywood. But this is a limiting belief. As a producer, when you hire a casting director, they work for …


Film Directing: Six BIG Lessons For Indie Filmmakers

film directing tips

After producing over a dozen films, I decided to add film directing to my list of experiences. This decision resulted from the timing and unfolding of certain events. I had previously interviewed two different directors for the job, but they weren’t a fit. The first director had some ideas that …


5 Tactics To Improve Your Film Project

Improve Your Film Project

I’ve repeatedly said that the best way to attract investors is to improve your film project. These three words took me almost 20 years to fully understand: “Improve The Project.” Improving the project simply means that you will add value so much value to your film, that investors and Hollywood …


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