Movie Studio Deadlines: The Secret To Film Producer Productivity

Movie Studio Deadlines

When it comes to producing films, you’ll often find yourself stuck. Maybe you have writer’s block, and your screenplay has hit a wall. Or perhaps you can’t find an investor. Or maybe you’re stuck in post-production. You can use one technique to get yourself to the next step. The next time you’re stuck, create a … Read more

How To Build A Powerful Hollywood Network

hollywood network

Building a powerful Hollywood network is essential if you want to film producer. I have mentioned this many times in my filmmaking courses, and the good news is that if you’re dedicated, you can build one. The bad news is it will take time, especially if you don’t have many industry connections. When you reach … Read more

7 Essential Film Documents Every Film Producer Needs

film documents

If you’re prepping for your next film project, you must get written permission for every element you use in your film. At the very least, you will need releases for locations, video footage, cast and crew, and images. If you fail to get the necessary documents, you could screw up your chances for distribution, and … Read more

The Film Distributor’s Guide To Film Genres That Sell

film genres that sell

When it comes to producing a feature film, investors and distributors want to find ways to reduce their risk and increase the opportunity for reward. One way to get the attention of these industry professionals is to focus on producing films within genres that sell. A few years back, a good friend sent me a … Read more

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