Press Releases for Filmmakers

Many filmmakers must take charge of their publicity and distribution.

One trick that I utilize is frequent press releases. In the past, using press releases frequently may have been a borderline no-no.

The common thought was traditional journalists would see your “news” as noise. But these days, with a gazillion websites hungry for material, a well-targeted press release is a great tool to spread global internet awareness of your movie quickly. 

For press releases, I suggest PRWeb.

The press release distribution service is a good choice for SEO and keywords, as well as quickly expanding your internet footprint.

The goal of using PRWeb is not necessarily to focus on the traditional press but instead on presenting a keyword-rich release that will be grabbed and re-grabbed by various blogs and RSS feeds for years and years to come driving traffic back to your site. 

If a few traditional press articles come from this (which is quite possible, too), then good for you!

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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