5 Awesome Filmmaking Websites

After exploring all the great filmmaking information here at Filmmaking Stuff, you may benefit from putting some other blogs on your reading list. So to that end, I’d like to point out a few of my filmmaking favorites:

Jon Reiss’ Website
Jon Reiss wrote the famed book Think Outside The Box Office. Like most feature filmmakers, Jon realized that the world of independent film is evolving. I recommend both his book and his blog. Make sure you pay particular attention to the NEW role of PMD. Jon believes (as do I) that a producer of marketing and distribution is now essential for all modern productions.

Peter Marshall’s Action Cut Print
Peter has been in the industry for a long, long time. His site Action-Cut-Print is updated frequently, full of helpful filmmaking tips. Peter is very willing to help filmmakers improve their filmmaking business.

Jurgen Wolff’s Screenwriting Success Site
If you’re looking for screenwriting advice, I can’t think of a more powerful resource than Jurgen’s site. But more importantly, Jurgen is very kind and wants you to write the best projects you can.

Sheri Candler’s Marketing Site
Sheri is a marketing guru. Her business is focused on helping modern moviemakers create an engaged and robust online community for their work that can be used to monetize effectively. So if you have a movie and are looking for marketing tips, I recommend her site.

Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film Site
Ted Hope is a very well-known indie producer. And I think his filmmaking blog provokes much discussion among other filmmakers. Once you get into the conversation, making comments becomes addicting.

Hopefully, these resources will help you increase your modern moviemaking knowledge. And if you’re new to filmmaking, make sure you instantly download your modern moviemaker tool kit.

Thanks for reading.

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