3 Surprising Reasons You Should Make A Horror Movie

If you’re thinking up your next feature film, I suggest you make a horror movie. I am speaking from experience. I’ve produced three horror films, and they’ve all done well. 

In fact, my favorite thing has always been the fans.  Why?  Because I am also a fan.  I’m a self-confessed horror geek.  And the fans of horror films don’t care about cast… they want the scares.

You don’t need a complex story or a ton of money to make a horror film. But in order to get your film made, you need lots of creativity and the willingness to take action and get it done. From there, it’s simply a matter of maintaining a safe set, and making sure that you have fun.

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3 Reasons You Should Make A Horror Movie

Here are 3 (perhaps not too surprising) reasons why you should make a horror movie.

1. Horror Movies can be made cheaply: You don’t necessarily need “name” actors or elaborate locations to make a successful horror film. You can leverage the resources you have including locations, cast and crew. You can then put your focus on (while always maintaining a safe set) capturing a scary horror story. But here’s my tip… watch the best horror movies first, and find a style that you want to emulate.

2. Finding your target audience is easy: Because there are already dozens of publications, events and online groups catering to all things horror, you don’t need to search too hart to find your audience. You simply need to find a story angle that will grab the attention of these fans. When in doubt, choose scares!

3. Horror fans love to hate (and talk) horror: Obviously nobody sets out to make a bad film. But when it comes to horror, even if your production value is low, and the acting leaves a lot to be desired… You can still find a portion of the horror audience who loves to hate on films. And this online chatter can help drive awareness of your film over lesser-know, more mediocre films. Genre films sell.

If you want more tips on how to find film investors, check out this video:

Think of your first horror movie as a fun learning experience. And if you can gain popularity, imagine what YOU the stories you could create with future films! Now might be a good time to stop reading this article and go make a horror movie! And if you’d like a few extra tactics, make sure to check out filmmaker training.

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