How to Take Charge of Your Indie Filmmaking Projects

When it comes to producing your indie filmmaking projects, everything feels like an obstacle. You need the script, the schedule, the budget, the money and a cast and crew willing to share your vision. And once you get to set, things get even more challenging.

Your time on set can be long. If you fall behind, your days become longer. Long days with little rest and lots of work can cause stress. Don’t be surprised if you hit the wall from time to time and break down physically or emotionally. If this is your first film and you cry on set, don’t feel bad. Most new filmmakers I know either lose their temper or cry or both.

indie filmmaking projects

How to Take Charge of Your Indie Filmmaking Projects

If you have to cry or lose your temper, call a time out and take a walk.Go somewhere nobody can see you. There is no quicker way to lose credibility than losing your emotions on set… Especially a low-budget set.

In addition to this, don’t forget: You are not alone. Assuming you did a good job planning your days and your shots, you can rest assured everyone is working alongside you to do the best job they can. This is the fun of producing your indie filmmaking projects…

Everyone working with you wants to make the best film possible. For the reminder of the shoot, the people grinding to get it done will be your family. This will create memories shared for a lifetime. If you keep moving at a good pace, while working to have fun and experience indie filmmaking, you will reach the end. You will call cut for the last time (assuming you’re directing), and the show will be over.

You’ll say: “That’s a WRAP!”

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