5 Ways To Increase The Production Value Of Your Film

As an indie filmmaker on a budget, finding ways to increase the production value of your film is a good strategy to help your film rise above the noise and get noticed. Adding production value means making your film look more expensive than it is.

When considering ways to increase the production value of your film, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Don’t forget that the story itself should be the primary focus of your film. Every method you use, including fancy camera moves, the colors you choose, the format, locations, and your choice in actors… These should all be motivated by the story.

increase the production value of your film

5 Ways To Increase The Production Value Of Your Film

Consider the following methods commonly used by filmmakers to increase the production value of your film.

1. Shoot on the best format you can afford. Because advances in technology continually raises the bar, yesterday’s HD is today’s SD. This means you will want to shoot in the best format for your budget.

2. Shoot in a city, if appropriate. Including a couple shots of a city in the background can increase the production value of your film. However, don’t force this or drastically alter your story just for a few shots. A film about Midwest farmers should not include shots of New York just because it looks cool.

3. Get some movement in your shots. Move the camera using a dolly or a steady cam.

4. Incorporate overhead shots when possible. This gives the appearance that you are using a crane, and will provide unique angles for the audience. (And there are always drones too.)

5. Make the most of every opportunity. If you can use expensive cars to tell your story, do so. If you can use semi-name actors, do so. If you can add social media influencers, do it! If you can use an immaculate location, do it.

Fueling your desire to use a neat technique just because you can, will prove entirely worthless if it does not contribute to the story. If you like this sort of filmmaking stuff, make sure you download the filmmaker checklist.

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