72 Awesome Resources for Distributing Your Film (For Indie Filmmakers)

When it comes to distributing your film, you’ll quickly find a bunch of fuddy-duddies telling you that you need to win a major festival like Sundance to be successful. The problem with this is obvious. Very few filmmakers actually get accepted into major festivals. Heck, very few filmmakers actually get a good distribution deal. So what then?

distributing your film

I have been working professionally in film distribution for the past decade. And one thing I’ve learned is this: When distributing your film, it’s your hustle over hope that makes for the best strategy. Sure, every once in awhile a film becomes a breakout hit. But if you really want to succeed in distributing your film, you need to create a strategy from day one.

72 Awesome Resources for Distributing Your Film

The good news is, changes in film distribution technology now provides access to major online marketplaces such as Amazon, FandangoNow, iTunes and more.  So if you are looking to distribute and sell your movie, there has never been a better time. To further help, I compiled this list of our most popular film distribution articles.

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Think of the following articles as your own film distribution resource list. Bookmark it and and come back any time you want to learn a thing or two about film distribution.

  1. Three Tips For Digital VOD Distribution
  2. The Entrepreneurial Filmmakers Guide to Self Distribution
  3. How To Grow Your Movie Audience Email List In 3 Simple Steps!
  4. The Secrets of Successful Online Movie Advertising
  5. How To Sell Your Movie On iTunes
  6. How To Grow Your Audience (Even If You Hate Social Media)
  7. How To Make Your Movie Rise Above The Noise
  8. 5 Ways to Promote Your Film Fast
  9. How To Uncover The Proper Target Audience For Your Film
  10. Five Tips For Marketing Your Movie (Before You Make It)
  11. Confessions of A Film Acquisitions Executive
  12. 3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Film Distribution Deal
  13. Email Marketing For Movies (Why You Need To Start Now!)
  14. 7 Lies Film Distributors Like to Tell Filmmakers
  15. How To Create a Film Website (So You Can Sell Your Movie)
  16. Warning: DVD Distribution Is Dead
  17. How to Take Charge of Your Movie Marketing Strategy
  18. Three Tips On How To Target Your Target Audience
  19. How To Make Money On YouTube
  20. Is Traditional Movie Distribution Dead?
  21. Here Are 10 Ways NOT To Market Your Movie
  22. How To Plan Your Theatrical Release
  23. What YouTube Teaches About Re-Cutting A Movie Trailer
  24. Sell A Movie To Netflix
  25. How to Avoid Crappy Video On Demand Distribution Deals
  26. The Great Self Distribution Hoax
  27. How To Optimize Your Movie Website For Sales
  28. How Do I Sell My Movie On Amazon?
  29. Filmmaking As Your Small Business
  30. 5 Movie Distribution Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb
  31. What Filmmakers Need To Know About VOD Distribution
  32. How To Build An Email List For Your Film
  33. Want To Negotiate Minimum Guarantees?
  34. 3 Tips How To Make Money In Filmmaking
  35. How To Create A Movie Marketing Plan
  36. Film Distribution: New Rules For Selling Your Film
  37. 3 Tips For Hacking Hollywood
  38. Digital Self Distribution: How To Sell Your Movie Online
  39. How To Create A Movie Marketing Plan In 5 Minutes
  40. How To Design Your Movie Poster (For The VOD Age)
  41. 5 Tips For Throwing A Rough Cut Screening Party
  42. Why Amazon Film Distribution Is Awesome!
  43. How To Create a Press Kit For Your Indie Movie
  44. Movie Promotion FAQs
  45. Can You Make Money With Digital Distribution?
  46. What Movie Distributors Don't Want You To Know
  47. Download My Sell Your Movie Checklist
  48. Secrets of Selling Your Movie Online (Don't Get Screwed)
  49. How To Sell Your Movie On Hulu
  50. FREE Marketing Advice For Filmmakers
  51. How To Build Your Audience Through Email
  52. Film Distribution System
  53. How To Sell A Movie At The American Film Market
  54. How to Navigate AFM - The Ultimate Guide
  55. How to Take Charge of Your Social Media So You Can Grow Your Audience
  56. How To Promote Your Movie Fan Page On Facebook
  57. The Shocking Truth About Your Movie Idea
  58. Selling Your Film Outside The US (What You Need To Know)
  59. How To Promote Your Movie With BitTorrent
  60. Get Your Movie To Market Fast
  61. Make Your Own Online Movie Marketing Machine
  62. How To Sharpen Your Movie Hook (So You Get Noticed)
  63. VOD Release Windows
  64. How To Promote a Movie: Case Study for Soldiers of Paint
  65. Why You Need To Sell Movie Merchandise
  66. Filmmaking the Hard Way
  67. Send Digital Movie Files After Crowdfunding
  68. How To Compress A Video
  69. The Social Window
  70. Sell Directly To Your Audience
  71. Filmmaking Stuff Interview with Peter Broderick
  72. How To Sell Your Movie

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