Thoughts On Celtx (not just) Screenwriting Software

As a screenwriter, in addition to writing a great story, there are specific rules and requirements for a professionally formatted script that must be followed if you want to be taken seriously by agents and entertainment heavy hitters.

Fortunately, there is a lot of screenwriting software to help you meet these requirements. Many beginning filmmakers will write a script using Word or other word-processing software, and there’s nothing wrong with that – Use your resources!

The gold screenwriting software standard is Final Draft, but you pay about $250 for the software. Fortunately, there are several sources for free scriptwriting software. Adobe offers Story Online free with an Adobe account, and Celtx provides a free basic service with an account sign-up.

Celtx (not just) Screenwriting Software

One of the best places to start your scriptwriting is through Celtx Screenwriting Software.

The significant advantage of Celtx over the competitors is the variety of apps provided to help you, including a Script app. The Script app allows you to write on your mobile devices. That is something that even Adobe doesn’t offer. Utilizing this app, you can write entire short films on your phone!

Writing on the go is great for those random times when inspiration hits.

The Good:
Write your script anywhere using smartphone apps
– Professional script formatting
– A variety of professional scriptwriting formats, including TV/film, theater, and A/V (Audio/Visual)
– Apps for all aspects of pre-production (with a paid account)

The Not So Good:
– Everything beyond writing only comes with a paid account

Scriptwriting is oddly particular – script format has been developed over decades of Hollywood traditions, and a properly formatted script is a sign of professionalism.

In addition to screenwriting, Celtx offers premium tiers that allow you to:

While Celtx alone will not make you a better writer, it will help you format your scripts professionally and give you access to planning tools to help you organize your film.

While we are on the subject of screenwriting, here’s a quote worth noting:

“It’s possible for me to make a bad movie out of a good script, but I can’t make a good movie from a bad script.

– George Clooney

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