Make Shorts First – Filmmaking

Before you make a feature, you should create a whole bunch of short movies. This advice is nothing new for the up-and-coming filmmaker. But what is new are the many options for distribution. Many short films lived and died at film festivals. But these days, shooting on the Canon EOS 7D, combined with quick Internet … Read More

Interview with Norman Berns

Norman C. Berns is an Emmy-winning producer and director. Beginning as a stage director, the full scope of his production work includes features and documentaries, TV series and commercials. As a member of DGA, SAG and Actors Equity, Norman has been creating films and preparing budgets, schedules and business plans his long career. Today Norman stopped by Filmmaking Stuff to share his thoughts on filmmaking…

Filmmaking Sound

This filmmaking article reminds us that what you hear is often times more important than what you see.