Why I hate DIY and Self Distribution

Frozen yogurt and filmmaking

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The other night, I was out at a filmmaking event focused on Horror Filmmakers. This is an arena I am interested in because I totally enjoy making zombie movies. And in my conversations, I can’t tell you how many other filmmakers talked about DIY and Self Distribution as if it was a new concept or a last resort.

Personally, I can’t stand it when I hear the terms self distribution, and DIY.

To explan why, let me use my frozen yogurt analogy. I happen to love frozen yogurt – I’m addicted. But anyway, let’s say I someday decide to realize my dream of owning my own frozen yogurt shop. Part of making my shop a success would involve marketing and sales.

Let me ask you this – In the yogurt shop context, would I hire some other company to handle my sales and marketing? In exchange, would I pay their expenses and give them more than 40% of my margins? And if I decided not to go that idiotic route, would I then describe my activity as Do It Yourself?

“Well, I opened this yogurt shop and decided to do all the sales and marketing myself…

Why should your movie business be any different than a yogurt shop? You created your movie. Thanks to the internet, you can now access the same VOD marketplaces as the BIG distributors (iTunes and Amazon) – so why on earth would you lock up your VOD rights for 7 years or more?

I don’ t get it. If you do, please comment.

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