How To Break Down and Schedule Your No-Budget Movie

Schedule Your Movie

Thanks to enhancements in production technology, you no longer need a gazillion dollars to make a feature. But you will need to learn how to replace money with ginormous creatively. Once your screenplay is complete, the next step in the filmmaking process is your initial breakdown and schedule. Breaking down the script means you go through your screenplay, number each scene … [Read more...]

Time to Make A Movie

Time to Make A Movie

When I was starting my filmmaking career, an industry veteran told me to put blinders on, focus and go for it. And with this advice, he also mentioned the importance of a clearly written plan. If you have been taking baby steps towards the realization of your movie, then sooner or later it will be time to make a movie. At this point, you are no longer operating from theory … [Read more...]

Hire A Line Producer

Jason Brubaker in Production

As a filmmaker, you need a team. Having an experienced Line Producer or Production Manager is invaluable in the prep phase of your movie. The other essential professional you need is an experienced 1st AD. And when I say prep phase, what I mean is - the sooner, the better. Even if you're still writing your movie or raising funds, an experienced Production Manager and 1st … [Read more...]

How To Create a Final Movie Budget


One of the most essential steps in the filmmaking process is to create a final movie budget. Your movie budget will outline the size of your movie and dictate how each dollar will be spent. From this information, you can finalize your business plan, raise money, hire cast and crew, make a movie - and hopefully have enough money left over for marketing, sales and … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie


So you are seeking ideas on how to turn your book into a movie. First of all, congratulations on finishing your book. Writing requires every degree of discipline you can muster. And now that your book is complete, I can understand why you would want to turn your story into a movie. Going from a writer to a screenwriter to a filmmaker is a very complex process. But if you are … [Read more...]