9 Reasons Why Documentary Filmmakers Are Heroes

Documentary Filmmakers Rock

Have you watched any documentaries lately? Have any of them changed your life or at least changed your perception? Documentaries that come to mind for me include “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Food Inc” and “Why We Fight”. These films literally impacted my behavior, habits or shifted my world view. The explosion of fruits and vegetables in my kitchen in the hours and days after … [Read more...]

Tiffany Shlain Talks Cloud Filmmaking

Tiffany Shlain - Filmmaker

Tiffany Shlain was honored by Newsweek as one of the "Women Shaping the 21st Century," She is a filmmaker, founder of the Webby Awards, and co-founder of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Her last four films premiered at Sundance, including her 2011 feature documentary, Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death & Technology, which was selected by … [Read more...]