Thoughts On PluralEyes


Almost everyone has seen the image of a film set when the cameras start rolling and someone steps into the shot with a slate, calls out the scene, and then slams the sticks to get things going. "Action!" It's an indelible image of filmmaking, but does it still have a place in the world of digital filmmaking? The short answer is, YES! This is especially true if you are … [Read more...]

How To Utilize Dual System Audio (On Your Next Shoot)

Rode Videomic Pro

How To Utilize Dual System Audio (On Your Next Shoot) by Michael Head While cinematography is the art of painting with light, an equally important (if not more important) aspect of video production is capturing quality audio. This is because  audiences will forgive poor visuals before they will forgive bad audio. My first dual system audio includes both a Rode Videomic Pro … [Read more...]

How The Rode Videomic Pro Produces Inexpensive Audio


Overview of the Rode Videomic Pro by Filmmaker Michael Head One of the most often overlooked aspects of video for beginning filmmakers is audio. To a point, it's easy to see why many filmmakers often overlook audio - After all, video is a visual art form, isn't it? Yes, but I will never forget this saying I heard: audio without video is radio; video without audio is … [Read more...]

Overview of the Zoom H2n


Overview of the Zoom H2n by filmmaker Michael Head There is much more that goes into making a successful then and an awesome camera and good lighting (although don't forget the importance of good lighting). Audiences are more likely to forgive weak visuals then poor audio. As a consequence, filmmakers need to be sure to capture quality audio in their films. In other words, … [Read more...]

How To Record Surround Sound


In filmmaking, it is often said that the eye forgives and the ear does not. This means that even if your image isn't perfect - If the sound is off even a little bit, it will pull your audience out of the movie. You don't want that! Two frequent questions we receive revolve around how to record surround sound and how to edit in surround sound. Here to help us answer … [Read more...]